Step 1: Meet

Power Choice will meet with you to discuss your energy requirements and review your current bills and supplier arrangement.

Step 2: Market

We develop your business usage profile and take you to market with Australia's leading electricity retailers.

Step 3: Analyse

We present you with our in-depth analysis of offers and recommendations.

Step 4: Select

You select the offer that best suits your business. We then facilitate the placement of contracts with retailers and metering providers.


Business Intelligence & Reporting

Better data, better knowledge, better business decisions.

All sites with contestable contracts require an interval smart meter provided by a metering service provider. Smart metering provides a continuous energy data feed enabling businesses to accurately monitor their energy consumption. But without access and understanding of this information its potential benefits are lost.

Our advanced energy monitoring service provides you with professional analysis you can trust. By developing an accurate profile of your business through the identification of demand peaks and energy trends, it can improve the operational efficiency of your business now, and reduce electricity renewal costs in the future.

Our services come in two advanced levels these can be bundled onto your electricity bill depending on the level of monitoring you require.

Data management
Bill validation
Data download
Online access to electricity usage data
Quarterly usage reports

Data management allows for independent bill validation to check for anomalies and errors or to simply address any concerns you may have, ensuring you’re paying the correct amount for your electricity.

Your usage data is stored on our secure servers and can be monitored via data download, online portal or quarterly reports depending on your service level.

Data management is the simple and reliable solution for you to take control of your electricity consumption and expenditure. A clear answer in a confusing marketplace.

Knowledge is Power.