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Power Choice is here to help Australian businesses save time and money on their electricity.

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Start saving on your Business Energy costs today.

Saving on energy cost and risk doesn’t happen by luck, it requires a PLAN. Contact one of our Energy Market Specialist to create your plan today.

If you are not aware of the price available for your next contract today, HOW can you consider the saving on offer? Our process allows YOU the opportunity to CHOOSE.

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Independent Metering: The more the retailers know about WHEN you use your electricity the better the rates they will offer. DATA reduces RISK


Market Intelligence: If you are not aware of the price available for your next contract today, HOW can you consider the saving on offer? Our process gives YOU the choice.

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Contract Terms: We will structure your energy contract to meet your business requirements. We understand cashflow.

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Contract maintenance: Dedicated account management will ensure your bills are correct and potential further savings identified. Together we can reduce the RISK

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  • The Power of an Electricity Acquisition Plan

    Deregulation has transformed the Australian energy market and businesses now have greater choice in their energy purchasing decisions. Power Choice is here to help Australian businesses save time and money on electricity. Our services include: Energy brokerage and acquisition, Contract management, Energy intelligence and Reporting.

    Using our industry knowledge, systems and expertise, we save our customers time, stress and risk and provide customised reporting to manage energy usage.We give businesses the power to save more by building their usage profile and proactively helping them to look forward and choose the best time to contract.

    Using our strong buying power and expertise we negotiate with Australia's leading electricity retailers to provide you with competitive prices on your energy contracts.

    *Power Choice does not compare all energy providers, and cannot guarantee the lowest price.

  • What our customers say about Power Choice:

    Q. What is your general impression of Power Choice and its Electricity Plus program and Ratewatch Service?

    “Yes is think it’s actually quite good because obviously you are continually providing updates and giving us an indication of what your thoughts are on the market, otherwise I don’t have the time to look into it myself….It’s great.” TMC

    “To be honest I probably just let it go, I just let you guys do your job and I don’t need to worry about it.” – “Do you find the follow up phone call more helpful than the email you receive.” “yes”. WPC

    “I have actually had a few phone calls from other brokers, they are promising things they can’t actually deliver on. You guys have organised a rate that is really good.” SMR

    “It’s good getting the Ratewatch Service, it’s good to get those emails in your inbox every now and then. It’s good to get a bit of useful information.” SB

    “Very useful, yes Ratewatch is very useful because I have actually been checking if what you offered me was good.” SOSJ.

  • What our customers say about Power Choice:

    Q. Does the Power Choice service help your business? If so How?

    “Yeah just mainly takes the work load off and the ownership off us…it’s a bit of project management really, we know you are on top of the contract.” TMC

    “Well you make it easier for us, that’s how you help us. Not having to worry about our contract end date, not having to worry about getting pricing from the market, that sort of thing.” AIS

    “Well it gets us cheaper rates without me having to go out and find them. It takes some time off our hands, not having to shop around.” WPC

    “Well you got us better rates so that’s a good thing, you got them backdated as well, savings us on penalty rates.” “Yeah that was great.” SRGP

    “It does in a way because it’s kind of set and forget, we just get our bills and pay them…we don’t need to worry about it which is good.” SB

    “I can’t say how it helps my business, but I will show the owner the contract and tell him what you did for me and got me quite a substantial reduction. I have not paid attention to your Ratewatch which is my fault.” BBH.

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1. [price] is site specific and dependent on the State in which it is located and the following as they apply to the individual site, their: (i) specific energy usage profile (ii) current energy contract rates (iii) current contract end date and (iv) retailer pricing. This level of saving may not be available to you but is meant to demonstrate the value of a Power Choice Energy Acquisition Plan. For a recommendation specific to your businesses needs please request a price.

2. We do not represent all Retailers in the market and at times some Retailers may choose not to quote when requested.