Scam Alert!
It has come to our attention that there are telemarketers making false claims of affiliation with Power Choice who are making telephone calls to residential customers after business hours. Power Choice only transacts with businesses and only during standard business hours.
If you feel you have interacted with someone masquerading as a Power Choice representative please report it to us by calling 1300 16 50 20.

Step 1: Meet

Power Choice will meet with you to discuss your energy requirements and review your current bills and supplier arrangement.

Step 2: Market

We develop your business usage profile and take you to market with Australia's leading electricity retailers.

Step 3: Analyse

We present you with our in-depth analysis of offers and recommendations.

Step 4: Select

You select the offer that best suits your business. We then facilitate the placement of contracts with retailers and metering providers.


Energy Efficiency Solutions

Power Choice’s brokering service can acquire you a competitive rate for your electricity, but the savings shouldn’t end there. For many businesses, poor energy efficiency directly affects their energy costs. By accurately identifying inefficiencies at your business and implementing recommended changes you may see considerable improvements in your energy bill.

Power Choice’s Energy Efficiency Solutions include:

• Industry Comparison Reports
• Online Power Quality Reports

Industry Comparison Reports

Our team of electricity analysts can provide you with Industry Comparison Reports to compare the efficiency of your business to others in the same industry. Providing a benchmark and perspective on your business’ energy performance.

Online Power Quality Reports

An Online Power Quality Report can be produced to highlight any supply issues. Recommended annually, these reports are a proactive measure to identify concerns before they become problematic.

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Our Quality Standards

Our certified processes and systems are independently audited to ensure you always get the highest quality service from Power Choice.

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