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Introduction of Metering Co-ordinators and other important changes to the electricity industry structure commencing 1 December, 2017 that will affect all consumers and businesses.

The Australian Energy Market Commission has restructured the electricity industry, enabling consumers to have more of a voice in how their energy information is accessed and shared.

From 1st December, 2017, your electricity retailer will no longer have full control over who supplies and manages your important metering data, enabling the introduction of Smart Meters for all consumers and businesses. Large market business will also be able to have a say in how their data is used and managed.  This is a mandatory change for business and a restructure in the way the electricity industry is organised. Utlimately, it will enable users more choice in the selection of services and enable an increased number of value added services to enable consumers and business.

" The final rule will facilitate a market-led approach to the deployment of advanced meters where consumers drive the uptake of technology through their choice of products and services. This competitive framework for metering services is designed to promote innovation and investment in advanced meters that deliver services valued by consumers.
This rule change is part of a series of changes recommended in the AEMC’s Power of Choice review to support demand side participation in the National Electricity Market, including network pricing arrangements and access to energy consumption information.
When the new arrangements commence on 1 December 2017, any party will be able compete to provide metering services to retailers, subject to registration requirements. Metering services encompass a number of activities, including making sure a customer has a working meter and providing necessary parties with metering data for billing." Australian Energy Market Commission


More information on this important Industry change is below:

Download Overview Sheet Information Here.

The Australian Energy Market Commission Website on Power of Choice changes is Here.



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